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Saturday, 24-Nov-2012 16:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bar smart touch Nokia 5,250 and then drop 130

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on November 3, 2010, Nokia 5,250 (revision machine) in businesses "duo wind telecommunications" Department of latest quotes is 970 Yuan, than zhiqian of price small drop 130 Yuan, accessories has: single electric single filled, and headset, and data line,. Nokia 5,250 is a paragraph used has S60 smart operating system of full touch controlled phone. figure for Nokia 5250 Nokia 5,250 used has bar full touch controlled of design, fuselage work delicate, Extraordinary texture. 2.8-inch screen compared to the Nokia 5,230 machines to smaller, therefore the fuselage of three dimensional and more lightweight, the resistive screen is still 360x640 megapixel resolution, Displayed effect excellent. system Shang aboard has is praise of S60 fifth version system, have mass of software can expanded, can playing sexual is high. 434MHz of ARM11 processor also have mainstream of performance, machine of run speed soon. Hou reset 2 million pixel camera, not support automatically focus, imaging General. the machine support GSM network, obviates the has WCDMA network, this is a big regret. figure for Nokia 5250 figure for Nokia 5250 Office tools to edit comments: 5,250 Nokia is a very high cost performance mobile phone, save a WCDMA network and GPS navigation features, Improved machine performance. Although the screen shrunk to 2.8 inches, the core hardware is mainstream. at present, the selling prices of less than 1000 Yuan is very affordable, the friends could look like. Nokia 5,250 (website) reference price]970 [[ sales merchant wind telecommunications[ business phone] duo]] 400-883-3058 82667058 [ business address Beijing Zhongguancun e world c 10-storey room C1080 Shenzhen huaqiang South oil building, room 706 handset price quotations for purchase above, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with article, please call the complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, Shall not accept products price Consulting) * due to price fluctuations, so complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

Friday, 23-Nov-2012 23:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dual-mode dual-hinge Lenovo two-way clamshell new cool style

Music Phone can said is fire was mess, Lenovo of publicity while important, but most fundamental of also is products itself of strong competitiveness and price advantage. but if you also is more habits Yu has keyboard of phone, or said is still missed Cap phone of retractable feel, also is can select Lenovo of products. from products of design figure view, Lenovo of this paragraph Cap phone in have bi-directional cap of characteristics zhiyu, In phone Shang Cap outside side also hidden has a small block display. However except this 2-WAY double hinge design zhiwai, also from Lenovo of digital keyboard and full keyboard double keyboard design, is quite to Pinsky. Lenovo super bright bi-directional Cap new machine Lenovo super bright bi-directional Cap new machine other parameter aspects, this paragraph Lenovo mysterious of Cap new machine will may is a paragraph WCDMA EDGE of double die double pending products, within screen size reached 3 inches WQVGA level, Half anti-half through of material guarantee has outdoor of visual clarity. photographed aspects main camera for 3.2 million pixel, within screen of depending on the hearing lens also has 300,000. Lenovo super bright bi-directional Cap new machine overall,, exposure of this paragraph Cap phone is Lenovo currently Fusion has more innovation element of products, double die double pending, and bi-directional CAP, and double keyboard, are is other brand models by does not have of featured. believe until really machine listed Hou, is bound to will caused new a round of purchased machine boom.

Friday, 2-Nov-2012 14:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Samsung i5800 Android new forces below 2000 mark

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) on August 26, 2010, Samsung I5800 (revision machine) today in businesses "constellation technology" Xia reported out has 1999 Yuan of latest price, and yesterday listed price 2,180 Yuan compared to big drop 181 Yuan, price directly fell below 2000 Yuan mark. the machine accessories for single electric single filled, headset, data line,. Samsung I5800 is a paragraph newly listed of Android system smart 3G phone. figure for Samsung I5800 Samsung I5800 used bar touch screen modeling design, appearance fashion. fuselage positive for a 3.2 inches of capacitor touch screen, resolution for 240x400 pixel beats by dre studio pas cher, displayed effect better. in its behind equipped with has a shells 3 million pixel of camera, overall imaging quality can meet user daily shooting needs. Samsung I5800 aboard has Android 2.1 of smart operating system, in frequency for 667MHz of processor guarantee Xia, machine run speed smooth beats by dre pro pas cher, Fuselage extension up to 32GB store, while commonly used Bluetooth, WIFI and GPS are equipped with features such as, overall performance of comprehensive practical. Figure Samsung I5800 for standard GSM,WCDMA Samsung I5800 Samsung I5800 mobile phone home screen resolution of 240x400 pixels Android OS v2.1 the operating system user interface Touch Wiz 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery 3 battery specifications product size 3 million pixel camera 113.5x55x12.85mm camera pixels maximum support 2048x1536 pixel photo radio supports RDS capable FM radio Bluetooth Bluetooth headphones Jack 3.5mmGPS support 3.0Wi-Fi function price[ sales] constellation technology[ of business] business address outside the World Trade Center building room 905, building SOHO 1,[ business phone] 010-58696390 010-58696391[] phone quotes above are actually buying the merchant Web site</CLK% 3E price, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with or parallel import shop three months cannot be provided, please call complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, so complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

Saturday, 22-Sep-2012 03:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
August 11 Mystery screenshots leaked epic 4g release date

Samsung currently most fire of Android phone to number Galaxy S has, super cool of appearance plus 4 inches of screen let the machine are has many user of welcomes, and the machine is made has million of sales. Samsung clearly does not meet status, powerful of Galaxy war team has gradually emerge surface, and this once protagonist is is Samsung Epic 4G. Samsung Epic 4G Samsung Epic 4G is Galaxy series which of a paragraph products, Epic 4G used sideslip full keyboard design and carry the Android system. this machine is also a United States carrier Sprint custom second 4G phone, supports WiMax networks. leaked screenshots current foreign unexpected in a Sprint on the print media have found an interesting picture, August 11 download says "Epic Launch Day" Words. this photograph, let us Kiss: is Sprint August 11 you want to publish the phone, why had not received any news? And this pictures of true and false currently also cannot are confirmed, therefore author believes that 11th, publishing Epic 4G of possibilities is unlikely to. Samsung Epic 4G regardless of 11th, Samsung and Sprint whether will publishing this paragraph products does not important, however not denied of is Samsung in 2010 in Android system Shang of inputs has gradually was has return, and HTC, and Samsung, and Motorola in Android system Shang of compete for will will in future more fierce.

Thursday, 20-Sep-2012 14:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Friends fall body zero new folic my days with my language b892

Senior high school entrance examination accomplishments also is ideal, Dad finally promised with I to pick phone as award. I then on phone also is a rookie, what are does not understand, prepared buy Nokia N73, Dad Slam with wallet, always refused to pays, I had selected a other of other phone. around, last in days language of counter Shang stopped live has, 2.4 inch Q screen, and 300W pixel with macro, and price also does not your, Give it a try, I immediately bought it. beginning one month can be, second month of trouble came: keyboard failure, also be partial failures! Figure for the B892 was followed by the words mother travelling abroad, had time to repair, a week after returning to Jinan, would take invoice to customer service. Wow, very good! Give me a Word only used for half an hour, repairing mobile phones also took less than an hour, while only removing keyboard cleaning ... ... Second-time is half a month later, Tianyu customer service still took half an hour to fix (just remove keyboard wiped ... ... ) Is the third after a week, continues to be the keyboard problem; the fourth was three days later that day, I reluctantly, holding three maintenance form to ask for a replacement proved. Finally, in the evening, yourself money for other brands of phones. language keyboard B892 days, except to say that boast Ah!

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